Academic Administration

Dra. Ana Rodríguez

Sra. Lillian Díaz Figueroa
Dean of Student Affairs

Gigliola Insuasty
Director of International Student Affairs

Ramón Güilamo

Erika González
Admissions and Marketing Director

Mayra González Ornes
Professional Councelor

Dr. Hector E. López
Academic Dean and Doctorate Director

Dr. Eduardo García
Director of Department of Environment and Sustainability

Dra. Silvia Pueyo
Director of Department of Science of Language, Education and Communications

Dr. Maurizio Battino
Director of Department of Health Sciences

Dr. Roberto Álvarez
Director of Department of Projects

Dr. Manuel Masías
Director of Department of Innovation, Business and New Technologies

Dr. Killian Tutusaus
Head of Virtual Campus

Prof. Carol Morales Miranda
Dean of Administration and Finance