Academic Administration

Dr. Carmen Rita Román Rosario

Dr. Ana Rodríguez Zubiaurre
Dean of Academics and Strategic Management

Mrs. Lillian Díaz Figueroa
Dean of Students Affairs

Prof. Carol Morales Miranda
Dean of Administration and Finance

Dr. Maurizio Battino
Director of the Department of Health Sciences

Dr. Silvia Pueyo
Director of the Department of Language, Education and Communication Science

Dr. Javier Morales
Director of the Department of Innovation, Business and New Technologies

Eduardo García
Director of the Department of Environment and Sustainability

Dr. Roberto Álvarez
Director of the Project Department

Mr. Jorge Hernández
Technology Director

Dr. Killian Tutusaus
Responsible of the Virtual Campus

Mrs. Nydia Hernández

Prof. Janet Miranda
Assessment, Licence and Accreditation Director