Distance Education

It is increasingly difficult to find flexible work schedules adapted to many different possibilities and needs of students. The lack of time and the difficulty of combining different activities cause that many people have to postpone their studies. On the other hand, the distance is also a fundamental problem that limits or prevents the access of many people to training and University education. Therefore, distance education is a modality that is developing new training facilities, because has the following advantages:

  • Allows dealing with the problems of incompatibility of schedule.
  • The disadvantages of displacement disappear.
  • Each student can adjust their pace of study according to their interests.
  • You can apply the acquired knowledge into the workplace immediately.

The main features that distinguish these online programs from the face to face programs are:

  • The design of the documentation has been specially tailored for the application in the distance education, from an attractive format with a clear and specific writing, common explanatory tables and highlighting the relevant points of each topic.
  • Documentation follows a logical order of study, so that all contents are coordinated and concepts are introduced gradually.
  • The possibility to access a wide range of specializations.
  • The personal tutorial helps clarify any doubts that may arise on any agenda item.

Each student has assigned a professor/tutor in charge of monitoring teaching and that he can consult the doubts that arises during the study. Also, depending on the specialization chosen, students can connect with expert teachers in each of the relevant environmental issues. The communication with the Professor/tutor can be done via telephone, fax, mail, or e-mail and through the virtual environment, as well as face to face.