Virtual Campus

Programs are pedagogically supported and based on the application of new technologies: the virtual campus. This novel learning tool constitutes as a complement to the study of printed material and allows to be utilized by all students regardless of the modality they follow: traditional or virtual.

Both modalities include the learning model adopted at UNINI, in a way in which students that do not have access to the internet (traditional following) can comply with the Programs normally, with the only difference of the reception, resolution and evaluation delivery processes.

The virtual campus allows:

  • Sharing opinions, experiences, and knowledge asynchronously with other students.
  • Fast search of contents.
  • Frequently asked questions and answers database.
  • News and novelties forum in the different areas of the alimentary field.
  • Immediate correction of test exams and justification of the reasons why they are correct or incorrect.
  • Auto-evaluation questions with their solutions and justifications.
  • Links to recommended websites with a short explanation of their content.
  • Terminology glossary.
  • Know about future events that will take place in any part of the world.
  • Visualize all the documentation with a very graphic visual structure for the student.
  • Updating the documents that are immediately available to students.

The Campus characterizes itself, then, as a point of reference from any part of the world, allowing the interactivity of the student by being able to be connected from any terminal, as well as the establishment of communication between students and programs in other countries.

Presentation and content delivery

Additionally, the students receive updated and staggered printed material, besides being available in the Virtual Campus, with the objective of facilitating learning, allowing them to study in paper and internet formats.