Entrance Conditions

To apply at the Universidad Internacional Iberoamericana, it is necessary to:

Have graduated from an accredited or recognized university in any country with a Bachelor's degree or equivalent.

Know the language of the program taught. If necessary, provide accredited documentation or the corresponding fluency test.

Being distance education programs that are not subject to on-site classes, there is no specific start date, by which the student may apply at any time, as long as there are available spaces. However, the masters that have a group work modality (MDGDP) or that must follow a determined line for their studies (FPMELE-FPMTFL), will be subject to specific beginning dates.

MDGDP - design modules begin in the months of March and September.
FPMTFL - FPMELE - The calls are in the months of February, June and October.

The enrollment is open all year round but is consolidated to admission and enrollment in the indicated periods.

Documents to submit

In case of fulfilling the prerequisites, the candidate must request and hand in to the Admissions Department:

  • Official credit transcript or grade certificates (depending on the country).
  • Electronic Enrollment Form.
  • Photocopy of university diploma or certificate. It must be notarized or certified by a public institution or authorized by UNINI.
  • One regular photocopy of an identification document, foreign identification, driver's license or passport.
  • Students in any state wishing to start or resume an educational program must submit a letter of request stating their reasons to the Department Director, and attaching all the additional documentation deemed necessary. The Department Director will inform the outcome of the request to the candidate and to the Dean of Students Affairs.
  • Students transferred from graduate programs of other institutions can add transcripts, curriculum content of the subjects studied, and rating and approval system used. In the case of studies with scale ratings other than GPA, this certificate must contain the respective equivalents.
  • Holders of scholarships must provide the relevant and accredited documentation.
  • Provide proof of payment of the Registration Fee which can be made by bank deposit or credit card payment. Once the candidate has submitted the documentation, the admission's process will start. During this process, records or other documentation may be requested.


For documents coming from a foreign candidate, said documents will be evaluated by the University and possibly require verifications and/or relevant certification. If the documents are in a language other than Spanish, English, or Portuguese, translation will be required.

Admission Rights and Enrollment Fee

  • Admission fee (Non-refundable fee after five days after signing the student agreement). $50.00
  • Enrollment fee (If you cancel your enrollment after the fifth calendar day after signing the agreement, and after commencing the program, you will have a right to be reimbursed this fee in accordance with the percentage of the subjects taken). This amount includes the registering costs when enrolling to the program, the virtual tutoring, and delivery of materials and access to the Virtual Campus. $200.00


These costs do not include charges for credit transcripts, Tuition Certifications, the shipment of documents, payment certifications and the payment of the degree fees.