Get Certified or Renew your certification

March 05, 2013

Through a new focus of Development ofProfessional in Addictive Disorders and Mental Health Counseling (Concurrentdisorders), with the approval of the Association of Professionalsin Addiction in the U.S.A. (NAADAC), the Comisión Certificadora deProfesionales de Ayuda en Sustancias Sicoactivas (Certifying Commission ofProfessionals on Aid with PsychoactiveSubstances of PR, Inc), and the National Association of Drug and AlcoholInterventionist (NADAI).

PuertoRico and Florida Recovery Training Academy (PRFRTA), is the first and onlyacademy in Puerto Rico to have:

  • NAADAC Approved EducationProvider #852
  • National Association of Drugand Alcohol Interventionist Certification Provided

Through a collaborative agreement with the Universidad InternacionalIberoamericana, PRFRTA presents:

Training to obtain a certification in Professional in AddictiveDisorders and Mental Health Counseling.

Four Mandatory Areas will be covered in the training ofProfessionals in Addiction and Mental Health, distributed in four modules of 6hours each, with topics like:

  • The new Manual on AddictionCounseling Skills, focusing on supervision, according to SAMHSA TAP-21-2005;
  • Update of Treatment Models forrelapses (Addictive disorders and Mental Health) focusing in diagnostics.
  • Pharmacotherapy of AddictiveDisorders and Mental Health focusing on integration in Counseling andPsychotherapy.
  • Ethics and fulfillment in thepractice of local and federal Regulations, focusing on Private Practice.

The Certification on Professional Skills in Addictive disorders andMental Health, is issued by the Program of Professional Development ofUniversidad Internacional Iberoamericana (UNINI) and PRFRTA, led by AlliedProfessions to Health in Direct and Administrative Services.

  • Certifying Commission (for therenewal or preparation of exams for the certification as Professional of Aid inPsychoactive  Substances),
  • NADAI for the Certification inNational Drug and Alcohol Interventionist or Addiction Therapist.  Both certifications are exclusive of NADAIand PRFRTA, and it is required to fill in an application and pay tuition. Thereare no PRFRTA exams required.


Instructional methodology:

The training will take 2 days (Module I 8:00-12:00/Lunch/ Module II,1:00 – 5:00; Modules III and IV the same way). Each participant, will complement with support readings, and will work beforehand,in the preparation of a professional portfolio, that will identify you as aProfessional in Addiction.


The training costs $300.00 each participant and includes lunch,materials and the Certification.

Date and place:

March 22nd and 23rd at UNINI.

Enrollment and confirmationare required previous to attending. This is done through PRFRTA.

For more information contact Dr. Carlos D. Costas , email