UNINI and FUNIBER Puerto Rico sign a collaboration agreement with Atenas College

February 01, 2015

UNINI and Funiber Puerto Rico have signed a collaboration agreement on January 28 of 2015, with Atenas College, in the installations of UNINI Puerto Rico in the city of Arecibo.

Present on the part of UNINI for the signage of this agreement were, Dr. Carmen Rita Román, rector of the Universidad Internacional Iberoamericana, from FUNIBER, its president Dr. Santos Gracia and finally Dr. María Luisa Hernández, president of Atenas College.

The main objective for this collaborative agreement is for the issuance, from FUNIBER’s part, of 50% grants to professors from Atenas College that wish to study the doctorate, as well as to those graduate students that are referred to by the institution. UNINI in turn will allow Atenas College to coordinate and use its facilities for workshops, lectures and conferences. Atenas College will grant access to its campus library, and will allow inter-library loaning for students of UNINI and other universities under the FUNIBER agreement.

With this agreement, another door toward collaborative education is opened, and as such we hope to continue our growth and to build new alliances.