Costs and Policy on Cost

Description Total Program Cost
(The university considers Tuition Costs all those costs which are associated with the integration and development in the academic lifespan, which payment gives the student rights and obligations).  
Master Program Cost (or rate): This amount may be paid according to the facilities granted by the university through its installment payment programs or academic credits. The Master’s Program Cost is a refundable fee as indicated in the reimbursement rules established by the university. The price of our programs is universal and not by credits.

Masters $10,500.00 

Doctorates $18,800.00 

Educational scholarships
An evaluation committee will examine the suitability of each candidacy in function of the provided antecedents, their academic and professional record, their personal and family income, and their socio-family conditions.
Total to be paid by the student for the program cost $0.00
Administrative fees $35.00 (in each payment)
Amount of monthly payments for administrative fees 0
Total of administrative fees 0
Admission fee (paid upon admission application). $50.00
Enrollment Fee
This amount include enrollment fees, technical support, shipping of material, Virtual Campus Access (paid after signing the Enrollment Agreement; the access to the Virtual Campus is enables when the fee is paid).
Total 0.00
Other Charges
Diploma* $200.00
Credit Transcript* $10.00
Legalization* $200.00

The program duration is projected in twenty-four (24) to twenty-five (25) months. The student has thirty six (36) to thirty seven (37) months with a maximum of two extensions of six months each, at a cost of $500.00 (USD) American dollars to complete the program.
The duration of the doctoral programs is projected between 60 to 63 months (depending on the doctorate). The student has 90 to 93 months, with a maximum of five deferments of six months each, with a cost of $750.00 (USD) per deferment, to complete the program, except in extraordinary cases.

*Shipping charges may applied. These costs are subject to changes.  
The student has the option of paying the total amount of the contract when he begins or can use a payment plan for which he must have a banking account or credit card to make monthly payments. To this end, you must sign the Payment Authorization and deliver it via email or certified mail to the University. The Payment Authorization will have the seal and signature of the Dean of Administration and Finances.

Regarding costs:

  • The values included in the table are the same for any student whether they live in Puerto Rico or not. However, the program’s final cost varies according to the scholarship amount.
  • The University reserves the right to make changes to all the registration costs. These amounts will be publicly reported to applicants and students by the means provided for this purpose and will not affect students who have already begun their studies and do not present interruptions.
  • Any student who applies for or is affected by an interruption of studies for any reason, including partial withdraw, but not limited to this, will be disabled of using the virtual campus and virtual learning resources, or any infrastructure of the university during their partial withdraw.
  • Any other charge for specific or special purposes will be announced 30 days in advance.
  • The cost of textbooks is included in the total program cost.
  • All collections will be done in advance or the same day at the beginning of a process or as indicated in the Payment Plan of this Enrollment Agreement.
  • Given that the cost is for the entire program if for the total of the program and not by credit, there is no discount for validated subjects.

Reimbursement Policy

  • If the student cancels enrollment before initializing the program, has the right to 100% of any money paid, excluding the admission and enrollment fee.
  • If the student withdraws during the first week of initializing the program, has the right to 75% of any money paid, excluding the admission and enrollment fee.
  • If the student withdraws during the second week of initializing the program, has the right to 50% of any money paid, excluding the admission and enrollment fee.