Administration and Finance Deanship

The Administration and Finance Deanship is in charge of receiving payments and billing. They are in charge of managing accounting and confidentiality of the financial information of each student. Some services they offer are:

  • Guide and bill the costs of inscription, enrollment, tuition and other additional charges.
  • Bill the cost of tuition.
  • Payment plans and extensions.
  • Payment Certificates
  • Payments due or up-to-date status.
  • Keep a record of payments performed and keep the students records up-to-date.

We make paying easy, accepting: Checks or money orders, Visa and Master Card.

If you wish more information on this deanship write to:


If the student wishes to make a complete withdrawal, at any time, he/she must notify the university through email, mail, or visiting the offices of UNINI.

The student will have (5) calendar days (the fifth day included) after signing the agreement to cancel the enrollment (i.e. decline your enrollment) and receive a full refund of the money (100%) paid to UNINI, including the Admission Fee, Enrollment Fee and the Registration Fee.

If the student cancels the enrollment after the fifth calendar day (i.e. from the sixth day) after signing the agreement, but before the beginning of the program, the student will be entitled to a reimbursement of the total money paid to UNINI, except the following amounts:

  • 20% of the One-time Registration Fee
  • Admission Fee


If the student cancels the enrollment after the fifth calendar day after signing the agreement, and after having started the program, he/she will be entitled to a refund according to the percentage of subjects taken:

Percentage completed by the student Percentage of the Program Cost to be reimbursed including the Enrollment Fee Admission Fee and One-time Registration Fee
1% - 10% 90%
  • The Admission Fee is none reimbursable.
  • 80% of the One-time Registration Fee is reimbursed.
11% - 25% 75%
26% - 50% 50%
51% - 100% 0%
  • The Admission Fee is none reimbursable.
  • The One-time Registration Fee is none reimbursable.

All refunds will be fulfilled in a period of no more than 30 days after requested.

In case of cancellation for reasons beyond the student's control, special consideration will be given to the request for reimbursement, as long as it is accompanied by the corresponding evidence.

Students who cancel their studies and have paid for the entire program and who are not entitled to reimbursement, may receive the study materials of their program. This decision will be subject to an evaluation by the Planning, Management and Academic and Administrative Development Committee.

These rules may be revised, adapted, extended and improved based on any proposal from the Dean of Student Affairs, upon approval from the Rector and the Board.


A student enrolled on December 4, 2013, paid $200.00 for the one-time registration fee, $50.00 for the Admission Fee and $250.00 for the Enrollment Fee, for a total of $500.00. The student received the scholarship for 50% of the program cost. The student paid the remaining balance of the program cost ($5,250.00) on December 8, 2013.

On August 11, 2014 the student requested an academic withdrawal and the corresponding reimbursement of his/her payments through the Academic Secretary. The Academic Secretary processed the reimbursement through the Administration and Finance Dean Office.

The student was not entitled to reimbursement of the admission fee, but was entitled to 50% reimbursement of the program cost, according to the subjects already studied, since he/she had completed 33% of the program. The amount of reimbursement of the program cost was $2,625.00, plus 50% of the Enrollment Fee ($125.00), and 80% of the One-time Registration Fee ($160.00) for a total reimbursement amount of $2,910.00.