The International Iberoamerican University (Univesidad Internacional Iberoamericana) is a graduate institution whose objectives and principles guarantee equal opportunities of study to everyone.

We currently offer 15 programs (12 master's degrees, 1 certification and 2 doctorates) in the following areas:

  1. Master in Teaching Spanish as a Foreign Language
  2. Master in Teaching English as a Foreign Language
  3. Master in Physical Activity: Sports Training and Management
  4. Master in Strategic Management with a specialty in Management
  5. Master in Strategic Management with a specialty in Telecommunications
  6. Master in Strategic Management with a specialty in Information Technology
  7. Master in Project Design, Administration and Management
  8. Master in Project Design, Administration and Management with a specialty in Architecture and Urban Planning
  9. Master in Project Design, Administration and Management with a specialty in Innovation and Product
  10. Master in Environmental Management and Audits
  11. Master in Education With a Specialty in Higher Education
  12. Master in Naturopathic Sciences
  13. Certification in Naturopathic Sciences
  14. Doctorate in Education with a specialty in Research
  15. Doctorate in Projects with a Specialty in Research

Online education allows people regardless of their location, to prepare for a better academic future. It eliminates hectic schedules, having to drive to school, and students can adjust their study pace according with their interests. Besides, what students learn here can be applied almost immediately to the employment world.

An advantage is the speed in which one gets admitted to the university, as well as reaching the academic staff; the comfort one gets when studying from home or any place one so chooses to log in, without the traditional hassle. The physical, emotional and social safety one could lose taking classes or driving late at night on the road or the university. Another advantage is the clarity and attractiveness of studying in a virtual environment where everything is written down and where one can find true learning. The amount of additional information which is available to the student, when in traditional universities is different and difficult to access, which is the necessary economy the student needs to invest in other necessities for their professional growth.

Since this is an online program, visits to the campus are not compulsory in any stage of the process. From the admission into a program, to granting a diploma, everything is done online, making visits to the campus something unnecessary.

The titles that UNINI offers are official titles, and are authorized by the Education Council of Puerto Rico (CEPR) and allows students to continue their studies all the way to the doctorate level or other academic degree.

UNINI is authorized by the Education Council of Puerto Rico (CEPR for its initials in Spanish) http://www.ce.pr.gov, certification number 2015-096.

UNINI has collaboration agreements with Fundación Universitaria Iberoamericana (FUNIBER) organization that is the link between the International Admissions and Marketing Director and the candidates that do not live in Puerto Rico. The International Admissions and Marketing Director carries out the orientation academic follow up and other necessary processes.

Besides, she offers orientation about the scholarship to UNINI’s students.

Eligibility for the scholarship is based on socio-economic and family situations, evidencing all the process with official and legal documentation. To apply, one can contact the financial aid officer to fill out a scholarship application: http://unini.org/a/asistencia-economica and submitting their Curriculum Vitae.

One must have graduated from an accredited or recognized university of any country with a bachelor’s degree or licentiate. One must know the language of the program and have an academic index of B or higher on the university degree.

In case of fulfilling the prerequisites, the candidate must request and hand in to the Admissions Department (or indicated according to the program):

  • Electronic Enrollment Form.
  • Photocopy of university diploma or certificate. It must be notarized or certified by a public institution or authorized by UNINI.
  • One regular photocopy of an identification document, foreign identification, driver's license or passport.
  • Students in any state wishing to start or resume an educational program must submit a letter of request stating their reasons to the Department Coordinator, and attaching all the additional documentation deemed necessary. The Department Coordinator will inform the outcome of the request to the candidate and to the Dean of Students Affairs.
  • Students transferred from graduate programs of other institutions can add transcripts, curriculum content of the subjects studied, and rating and approval system used. In the case of studies with scale ratings other than 1 to 4, this certificate must contain the respective equivalents.
  • Holders of scholarships must provide the relevant and accredited documentation.
  • Provide proof of payment of the Registration Fee which can be made by bank deposit or credit card payment. Once the candidate has submitted the documentation, the admission's process will start. During this process, records or other documentation may be requested.


  • For documents coming from a foreign candidate, said documents will be evaluated by the University and possibly require verifications and/or relevant certification. If the documents are in a language other than Spanish, English, or Portuguese, translation will be required.

For academic and learning reasons a minimum of 21 months and a maximum of 24 months is provided.
The doctorate programs have a duration of 60 to 63 months.

Since these courses are online and are not subject to onsite classes, a particular start date is not established, for which one can initiate the program at any moment. The exception is for Masters in the Teaching programs, which have a group modality and its starting dates are February, June, and October of each year.

The university does a convalidation process only between similarly studied content. A course is convalidated only when it is exactly the same as a subject of ours. If this is the case, the student must provide all documentation to support their request. The process will be evaluated by the deans and/or the directors of each department.

The study methodology of UNINI facilitates contact between students, professors and both groups among each other. Students can cooperate and exchange what they have learned, and takes the student into consideration so as to participate actively. It customizes learning, keeping in mind the differences between students and the diverse ways of learning. It also uses motivation as a constant stimulus, so that the student may discover that their learning goals can be reached.

The academic programs from the Universidad Internacional Iberoamericana present two different types of assessment techniques: subjective and objective.

Subjective Assessment Techniques: Assignment, Practice Activity, Development Exam, Forum Activity, Oral Report and Portfolio.

Objective Assessment Techniques: Multiple Choice, True or False, Of Relation and Identification Tasks.

The evaluation of the subjects of all programs is carried out from three of the evaluation tools defined in the previous paragraph to combine both subjective and objective techniques, and so be able to evaluate different aspects (knowledge, attitudes and skills), and integrate different cognitive styles.

In addition, some program can include face to face evaluations in the university or administered by a supervisor.

The final grade of the academic programs is derived from the deliberation of the credits from each subject and the Master's thesis.

Once your studies are finished, you will receive your diploma and all authenticated and accredited documentation in a period of 6 to 9 months.

The institutional catalog is where all of the university’s rules and norms can be found and also includes all of the benefits the student is entitle to.

You can download it using this direct link:


You can also find it in our official university webpage www.unini.org under the Governing Structure.

If you live in Puerto Rico you can contact directly the Admissions Department of the university where you will be orientated according to your needs and academic profile. If you do not live in Puerto Rico, you can contact a FUNIBER office in your country, who will gladly contact you with the International Admissions and Marketing Director, who will orientate you and clarify all your doubts.